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We worked closely with our client at VNT Interprint to reform their identity system. VNT is well-known and highly respected both within the Thai printing industry and across the globe. Farmgroup has an opportunity to developed the brand positioning, visual identity and digital design for VNT. The new brand identity is designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of applications, from social icons and business cards to building signage and the lorries which transport the packaging to customers across the country. 

Farmgroup team collaborated closely on the project with the founder, retaining the beloved ‘diamond’ as main symbol, creating a new looks for the diamonds by building from three pieces of triangle, which refers to his name ‘ตรี’ (Three) and also the three daughters. Farmgoup has built a flexible identity to give it life to this fast-forward digital world. Customising on the logotype ‘VNT’ which inspired from the light reflection on diamond facet. Well selected on brand typeface, Cera Pro, a geometric sans serif that offers a wide range of weights and a new color palette to work around with.

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