Identity System for TROP, a world renowned landscape architecture firm.

TROP stood as an esteemed landscape architectural design studio led by the visionary Pok Kobkongsanti. Despite their stellar reputation, their corporate identity felt outdated. Recognizing the need for change, Pok Kobkongsanti got in touch with us to carry out this transformation

Gathering his team, they delved deep into TROP’s core values and mission. Inspired by nature’s patterns and the concept of ‘Be Water,’ they sought to embody flexibility in their designs. Like water, TROP’s landscapes could morph to fit any situation or place, seamlessly integrating with their surroundings.

With this concept at their core, we crafted a flexible new identity that captured TROP’s dynamic spirit. The redesigned logo, fluid and adaptable like water, adorned project sites, signaling TROP’s commitment to innovative, sustainable design.

Thank you all collaborators including TROP team and Design Sundae for the website development.

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