Dedicated to the King of Fruit

LOVEHATE, the brand name, reflects the intense feelings associated with durian, symbolizing the ambivalence of opinions towards this fruit. We also integrated this profound emotion into the material selection and design process. Each piece of the spiky exterior looks dangerous, but it is composed of delicate paper. On the other hand, the durable glass bottle that is strong yet fragile, is guarded by the frangible paper shell. This protective layer around the vulnerable bottle shows how love and hate can coexist.

We were invited to participate in Make a Mark Project. A project dedicated to innovation in luxury packaging, promoted by three global players in the packaging market: ESTAL, Avery Dennison, and Leonhard KURZ.

Make a Mark Project:, @makeamarkproject
ESTAL:, @estal_packaging
Avery Dennison:, @averydennison
Leonhard KURZ:, @leonhardkurz

All images rendered by
Tricycle Studio:, @tricyclestudio



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