FA Thailand

A bold new identity built on the past and ready for tomorrow.

The previous identity for the Football Association of Thailand consisted of the Chada Emblem originally designed by His Majesty the King Rama 6. Since the emblem is extremely detailed, refined and not to mention sanctified, we created a logotype to be used along side and in place of the Chada Emblem. The emblem can be reserved for sacred and formal applications and platforms only.

The logotype was intentionally created to capture the spirit of the Chada emblem. The letter F and A in the logotype also subliminally resemble a Thai elephant, which is the nickname of our football team.

The complete identity system also covers a whole range of applications such as print, souvenirs, certificates, digital assets and signage systems. Accompanying the logotype, we also created a custom display font to be used for the various applications in the future.

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