The fragrance market is saturated with brands offering an escape from life. They offer spices that play a passive role by encouraging harmony and balance. Yugen is an active fragrance brand opening your senses and empowering you to live a life of confident optimism. Yugen wants you to feel more, live more and love living.

When it comes to communicating the Yugen brand, color is quintessential. Color is the most fundamental yet most powerful tool in creating or expressing a mood or feeling. The colors are chosen based on the ingredients and varied emotions of each scent. They are a positive and colorful expression for each fragrance.

The Yugen logotype signals a consistent foundation for the brand. As fragrances and subsequent color schemes are added, the logotype will help maintain brand equity by reinforcing the simplicity, honesty and optimism of the brand.

To give life to the expression of the Yugen brand, we’ve created a graphic device. There are three variations on this graphic device which can then be extended and evolved further. Triangles, infused with color and arranged in different ways, can be used to suggest dynamism, energy, movement, and positivity. Combined with imagery and type they create a lively expression for the brand.

Activating the triangles brings a heightened graphic energy to the Yugen brand. Whether you move, tile, or abstract the shapes, you can communicate a wide range of visually dynamic qualities. Loud or soft, each expression is applicable across every aspect of the Yugen brand.

The Yugen box packaging is fundamental to achieving a timeless, bold and unified expression of brand identity and meaning. The Yugen logotype and primary graphic device will become the visual core of the Yugen packaging system.