Out of Office (O-O-O) started from the idea that vacation can happen anywhere—even in the office. Vacationism is not about the location, but rather about the attitude. The Out of Office mark is inspired by retro official stamps—quintessential office supplies. The O-O-O patterns replicates security patterns on classified envelopes. The packagings themselves are adapted from existing office materials like paper tubes and brown envelopes. The tubes and envelopes are paired with simple silk-screened copy-writings that embody the O-O-O positive vacation attitude: “You can reach me by waiting,” “Hopefully, this isn’t important,” “Auto-reply mode,” “Away w/o a care in the world.” The O-O-O products, in contrast, are more summer theme. They are in primary colours—red, blue and yellow, reminding you of summer beach umbrellas and beach balls. They are too paired with O-O-O attitude copy-writings.

Product Photography : Patcha Kitchaicharoen