Noble Living


The core business of Noble Development Public Company Limited is property development, composed of various types of residential projects with an emphasis on residential development under the concept of “be different be Noble”. The Company aims to offer exceptional-design living and creative innovation to satisfy customers’ various desires as an alternative option.

We were excited to construct three magazines for Noble. They wanted us to come up with a concept that suited the Noble attitude and handed the whole project over to us making us the author, writer, designer and photographer. The magazines we had were called “Humour me”, “Lets get deep” and “Handle with Care”. We collaborated with designers, artists and architects to bring this magazine to life. We wanted to stay away from trends as much as possible. These issues include content that could help improve peoples lives through innovation, design and creativity. We shared Nobles lifestyle, contributions to society, and updates on their current or up and coming projects.

Our favourite part was the “Idea I Do” section. We set out design problems for our selected artists and designers. It was very inspiring to see the innovative solutions that all solved the same problem from each individual. There were three different types of problems, one for each magazine. Using this magazine as a channel of communication, our aim was to push the art community to accept art more and expand their minds to new art forms.