The original Mellow Restaurant & Bar is located in one of the hippest neighborhoods of Bangkok. It’s warm, with wood-heavy décor, brick walls, friendly staff, comfort food and delicious cocktails. Having proved a huge hit with young, affluent locals it was time to open a second location. “Do it again.” was the task. Create the same feel the same vibe as the original. Except this time, do it in a mall.

Over the years, Mellow had grown a reputation and a following but we needed to clarify what they were in order to build on them. What made Mellow, so Mellow? After a number of workshops the haze began to lift. Mellow’s warm and welcoming atmosphere was coupled with a biting sarcasm and contemptuous nature. Sure, it was approachable and cozy but more like a chained up tiger cub at a buddhist temple with good taste in wine and might bite you when you’re not looking.

Art Direction & Design : Farmgroup
Illustration : Farmgroup
Interior Design : Farmgroup
Interior Photography by Pirak Anurakyawachon
Food Photography : In–Productions
Mellow Hand Writing : Pairoj Theeraprapar (Roj Siam Ruay)