How do you make a tea shop stands out in a city where iced tea is already available at every corner of the street? The existing tea shops in Bangkok are branches from Japan, Korea and China. The ones that are Thais try to emulate Taiwan (the origin of Bubble Tea). They have Asian name and have very kawaii (かわいい) identity. 

Right of the batch, we knew the shop name needs to be western. We arrived at the name “Ditto” for it is easy to pronounced in a country where English is not the mother tongue and for its meaning and feeling. Quoting the line form the movie Ghost, “I love you,” said Patrick Swayze. “Ditto,” responded Demi Moore. It’s a way to say “me too” and “I agree.” Ditto agrees with you.

As for the looks we find that for working women and men carrying kawaii tea cups into a meeting room can makes us feels less professional. Iced tea is for all age, not just teens and young. We decided to give Ditto an identity that actually fits that target, a look that is more neutral, sophisticated and stylish. On top of this, we added a little gimmick to the cup—little hidden notes and motivations to make your every cup delightful. The sleeve is customised and is iconic only to Ditto.

Photography: Grey Alchemy