Anata Sushi


ANATA Sushi was a restaurant that served a variety of fresh sushi and had one of the best Fukuoka cuisine in Thailand. The restaurant has since changed its name to Yoka Yoka and serves sushi, sashimi, and other types of Japanese cuisine.

We were approached by this restaurant to create a brand identity for it’s opening. The reason for using the word “anata” in the name of the restaurant is because it can mean ‘you’ in Japanese while in Thai “anatta” refers to a Buddhist belief of ‘not-self’. These two cultures helped to shape the very core of their business. For the interior design of the restaurant we were influenced by the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi: imperfection is beauty. We accommodated this concept by keeping all the interior materials in their natural state and requesting all ceramics were handmade. Lastly the design for the placemats included a removable circle that created a hole in the material, reflecting the business cards we also designed as well as the double meaning of ‘anata’.