Motion Landscape


Motion Landscape at the Twin Towers Screen, Emporium Department Store. We created a series of motion graphic to enhance the environment and atmosphere of the department store. The first set is called “The End of Summer”. The end of summer is a transition. It’s one day blending into the next, from sunup to sundown. As the seasons change so do the flowers with a variety of shapes, colors and forms. Always in transition, always in motion, the rhythm of life.The second set was “Nature”. Nature offers a variety of exotic patterns and colors which have inspired fashion for centuries. From handbags to home decor, animals patters never go out of style. They are exotic and symbol of wealth and status.  Designers are constantly coming up with new and refreshing takes that add an edge to all things fashion.
Concept, Art Direction & Design by Farmgroup. Animation by Swerb Graphic & Motion

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