Never Be Never


The core business of Noble Development Public Company Limited is property development, composed of various types of residential projects with an emphasis on residential development under the concept of “be different be Noble”. The Company aims to offer exceptional-design living and creative innovation to satisfy customers’ various desires as an alternative option. Noble believes that good work develops through change and aims to never stay the same in order to constantly improve. They are the first people to bring minimalistic design box houses to the Thai market and it has become the new trend. It was popular due to the simple yet most practical architecture style, it allows individual freedom to customise and arrange spacing in the room.

Our task was to create packaging for the annual report. We were thrilled to support the Noble team by creating a book that celebrates all their successful projects of 2011. Instead of making an ordinary group, we created a book with an interactive experience containing their annual report in the CD. Its a book that expresses Noble’s philosophy of ‘Never be Never’ illustrating the Noble attitude. We based the style of the book on their minimalistic designs, playing around with space. The book encourages the user to break free from their comfort zone, fearlessly tear through the pages where instructed and help express the confidence that this company has.


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