Noble Development Annual Report 2012


The core business of Noble Development Public Company Limited is property development, composed of various types of residential projects with an emphasis on residential development under the concept of “be different be Noble”. The Company aims to offer exceptional-design living and creative innovation to satisfy customers’ various desires as an alternative option.

For this annual report, the focus was on their condominium designs. We were honoured to have the liberty to choose a theme the will represent Noble 2012. When we visited numerous Noble condominiums. we were most impressed by the minimalistic design style and realised that the signature of each building is in it’s anatomy and the subtle design details. So we extracted the main characteristics of each building and used it to illustrate the book, maintaining the minimalistic style. We kept the colours nuetral; black, white and grey, imitating the colour of the existing buildings. The method of creating the building features is through embossing and die-cut, projecting the buildings details onto the pages.


















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