COCOMUCH is an organic coconut ice cream and yogurt store. Farmgroup’s job was to design identity and retail space. COCOMUCH is located at The Promenade, Bangkok.  

  • Flying High

    Flying High

    “Flying High” is the result of the collaboration between Farmgroup and the local artist Mr. Uma Kasor,  who had won countless kite painting awards under his name and  Together we came up with an original kite graphic specifically designed for Central Festival Hat Yai. The audience will have a chance to catch a glimpse of a kite energetically souring […]

  • ABC

    Academy of Business Creativity

    ABC—Academy of Business Creativity branding identity design

  • John-Robert-Powers

    John Robert Powers

    This animation represents 4 different topics that John Robert Powers teach in classes. Feel free to visit johnrobertpowers.in.th for more information about John Robert Powers, Thailand.  

  • Bacardi Limited Package

    Bacardi Limited Edition Package

    Bacardi Superior Original Premium Rum 1 liter limited edition package design

  • Lagoon


    The mini imitation of the Songkla Lake, at this play area the visitors will be able to sit and enjoy the playfulness of the Irrawady dolphins and her best friend’s the string rays circulating about and teasing the passerby for the attention.  

  • tongkwaw


    Hanging 11 meters from the ground up is a silhouette of the Tongkwaw, a symbolic tree of the Chiangmai province. Here you will see a total of seven Tongkwaw flowers hanging from above,each flower representing a different stage of the Tongkwaw tree shedding itself.  

  • Nicha

    Nicha Identity

    An Identity design and business card design for a new fashion brand based in Bangkok.

  • Lacosteinvite

    Lacoste Celebrating Eighty—Invitation Card

    Invitation Card design for Lacoste Celebrating Eighty Pool

  • Symphony_new


    Corporate identity redesign for Symphony Communication Public Company Limited.                                                                                             […]

  • Lacoste
  • GREENpeace

    GREENPEACE : Ocean Defender

    We designed and produced a pop–up exhibition located at Klong Toey Port. The exhibition was intended to educate and raise awareness about commercial fishing. Photo Credit : GREENPEACE & Farmgroup.

  • LittleBakery

    Little Bakery

    Pocket Book Design for OOM Lifestyle Book. Art Direction & Design by Farmgroup Content & Illustration by : PJaeng Sakhakorn

  • SaengChanWaterfall01

    Saeng Chan

    Saeng Chan waterfall is best visit when the moon is full, it will turned the ordinary showering water into  sparkling rain drops. We implemented this idea by using many various reflexives and transparency materials to mimic the movement of waterfall as if they are being frozen in time.

  • PaTamSculptures

    Pa Tam Sculptures

    Pa Tam seating zone was influenced by the iconic characters from Pa Tam cave painting. The characters, texture and layer of the rock surface have been carefully traced and interpreted into a series of layer-inspired seating sculptures to homage the famous historical sight of Ubonratchathani province.

  • YangNa

    Yang Na

    Hanging installation made from colorful transparent acrylic sheets to represent the iconic plant of Ubon Ratchathani province.

  • New_Waterlilly

    Water Lilly Pond (Bueng Bua)

    Since water lilly is Ubonratchathani’s official flower, we decided to create a play zone called Bueng Bua (Water lilly pond) especially for kids. Bueng Bua comprised of many friendly plants and creatures such as Giant Water Lilly leaf, hippopotamus, colorful crocodiles and frogs.

  • nobleannualreport2013b

    Design reflects identity

    Concept and design for Noble Development 2013 annual report.

  • StreetStyleWithVogue

    Street Style with Vogue

    A street fashion road show from Bangkok –> Chaingmai –> Khon Kaen by Vogue Thailand. Concept and design by Farmgroup.

  • RavensHeavenShop01

    Ravens Heaven Concept Shop

    We designed the first Ravens Heaven concept store at Siam Center.

  • Monumental-Ralph_Kiggell


    Brochure design for a contemporary woodblock artist, Ralph Kiggell.

  • Noble-Calendar13
  • ravenscatalogue
  • hotelartfair01

    Hotel Art Fair No.1 Print Collateral

    Promotional Materials designed for the Hotel Art Fair No.1.

  • Maduzi-Hotel-Art-Fair

    Hotel Art Fair No.1

    “Maduzi Hotel Art fair” is a project created by Farmgroup Company Limited, a creative and design consultancy based in Bangkok. The purpose of the Hotel Art fair is to gather top galleries in Thailand and provide an opportunity for them to showcase their collections, broaden their audience and allow the public to view the artworks in […]

  • Vogue-Invitation-01

    Vogue Invitation Card

    Invitation card design for the official launching party of Vogue Thailand. Bangkok is a place where Haute couture meets street vendors daily. For the Vogue Thailand invitation design, Farmgroup’s intention was to play with that beautiful contrast of what is generally perceived as fashion, and Bangkok’s true identity. It is the representation of Vogue’s attitude […]

  • Vogue

    Vogue Thailand

    We were commissioned by Vogue Thailand to conceptualized, designed and managed their party to celebrate the launching of the 21st edition of Vogue magazine. Thank you Vogue Thailand for the opportunity and creative freedom. We had so much fun with this project more images here and here

  • New_lift

    The Lift

    “The Lift” hanging installation at Central Plaza Lampang was interpreted from the graceful form of the White Rooster,  the well known Lampang city’s legend. We dramatically simplified the White Rooster to its purest shape and form, leaving only key strokes and movement of it. The installation is floating weightlessly and majestically in the middle of […]

  • Chicken-Bowl

    Chicken Bowls

    Standing approximately at 4.5 meters tall is the Chicken Bowl Totem. We took Lampang’s iconic cultural object and gave it a new perspective. The totem is presenting itself in a vernacular object with a modern twist concept and as another important landmark and a great photo opportunity for the passers-by.

  • NEW_Taitoon


    “Taitoon” play area was our attempt to recreate the Thai folklore way of life in a modern and friendly environment. The children will get a chance to play, learn and experience.

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